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A Motivational Note from Christine

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Ignite Inner Light - About Christine Holmes 2

You live each day with no absolute guarantee of how things in your life will work out. Yesterday, you felt very accomplished because your boss and your colleagues commended you for doing your best at work. But today, you’re not motivated to get out of bed because of how embarrassed you are for not meeting the deadline for a project. 

The struggles, the frustrations, and the failures you’ve experienced in work and relationships, for instance, are all part of life’s uncertainties. And yet, it is in these breaking moments that the sweetness of life’s victory lies. But you can’t do it all by yourself. Your life is not what you alone make it. And this is exactly the reason that I’m reaching out to you.

You can always get the help that you need when you learn to reach out to others. Whether you reach out to others to offer them your comforting presence, or you reach out to others because you need their comforting presence, either way, you are an amazing person for doing such. 

When you think that no one is there to back you up when you are up for a tough battle, even when it has not started yet, you already lose the courage to win the fight. That’s how impactful it is to have someone to support you, to listen to you, and to help you figure out what to do next. That’s the kind of strength that you can only receive from a select few genuine and expert individuals, and that’s where I come in. 

Cheer up!  I’m here for you! You can schedule a session with me, so we can talk through whatever it is that you need clarity about.

Ignite Inner Light About Christine Holmes
Ignite Inner Light About Christine Holmes
Ignite Inner Light About Christine Holmes Mission

Christine’s Mission

Ignite Inner Light - About Christine Holmes Mission

Christine has spent the last 13 years finding healing and positivity through her own tragedy. Just like others who suffered from tragic losses, Christine had fought a hard journey, too, of getting through the waves of her grief. But with time, comes acceptance.

Christine has also worked with many special needs children, many who were born with major physical disabilities such as vision and hearing impairments.  Working with these children has added to Christine’s insights and intuition on how to best help people with disabilities and how to help people caring for children with such disabilities.

At present, she now dedicates herself to helping others, through education and training, to gain their self-worth and successfully navigate the highs and lows of life. Her mission is to help others on their journey of self-rediscovery and let them know that they are not alone.

13 years of experience and continuing education, workshops, classes, certificates and more ; there is always place for growth and learning

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With her intent of providing genuine healing and support to people who have been going through the most difficult stage of their lives, Christine channeled her effort in providing these following services to anyone who needs it:

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