What to Expect in a Typical Reiki Session?

Ignite Inner Light - Reiki

Need balance? There are a number of things in our life that need balance. We need balance in our home life, love, work, and more that we discover every day. However, the most difficult balance to achieve is the balance within ourselves. Reiki is the term that comes to mind when talking about “balance” and […]

How Energy Healing Works

How Energy Healing Works - Ignite Inner Light

Energy medicine comes from the pseudo-scientific premise that the human body comprises an energetic “life force.” It also comes from the belief that energy centers, or chakras, protect the body’s cells by keeping them nourished and functional. Energy healing is a holistic approach in which healers transmit healing energy or a universal life force. This […]

Benefits of Reflexology

Benefits of Reflexology - Ignite Inner Light

With the busy world we live in today, finding ways to relax and recharge has become a necessity. A full night’s sleep may not be enough anymore if you’ve been exhausted for a while. Your body needs rest and you deserve some pampering, too. Various Forms of Relaxation Relaxation comes in many different forms, and […]

What are the Benefits of Spiritual Life Coaching?

Spiritual Life Coaching-Ignite Inner Light Acushnet, MA

To enjoy and understand the meaning of life better, the first step is to find that inner peace through exploring your own spirituality. It is a journey each person must take to achieve complete happiness in life. One’s religion may help, but spiritual healing brings more than just enlightenment. When you’re able to practice spiritual […]

The Difference Between a Life Coach and a Therapist

The Difference Between a Life Coach and a Therapist - Ignite Inner Light Reiki Service Acushnet MA

Most of us seek professional help when we go through emotional difficulties and life challenges. Apart from our friends and families, therapists and life coaches help us resolve our deeper life issues and gain a better life perspective. But really, what’s the difference between a life coach and a therapist? If they differ, how do you […]

Stress-free Holidays with Meditation

Stress free Holidays with Meditation Ignite Inner Light Acushnet-MA

Don’t let anything spoil the most wonderful time of the year. No matter how busy you’ve been this year, celebrating the holidays is something everyone looks forward to. It’s your chance to relax and have fun with loved ones.  Ups and downs are a part of life. They keep us pushing forward and make us […]

Benefits Of Holistic Approach to Health


Are you a health-conscious person? If you are, how do you define good health?  For the most part, we associate it with the idea of being disease-free. Our world today is afflicted with complicated ailments and bodily conditions, some of which are chronic and incurable. As a result, our efforts are often confined to avoiding […]

What Are The Benefits of Guided Meditation?

Guided meditation

Meditation is a traditional and widespread practice for mental relaxation and concentration. However, as our stress levels increase, many people search for ways to relieve anxiety effectively without spending too much.  Indeed, guided meditation provides you with focus and direction that will help new practitioners dive in and understand the proper ways of meditation. What […]

Reiki Versus Reflexology


Reiki and reflexology are both energy-based therapies that help improve health and well-being, reduce stress, and promote relaxation. Many people find these healing techniques to be effective, soothing, and even life-changing.  While it’s true that they are both well-known holistic healing techniques, they are however practiced differently, and their benefits also vary to some degree. […]

How To Use Reiki Principles in Your Everyday Life

Ignite Inner Light - How To Use Reiki Principles in Your Everyday Life

In the contemporary world, we meet many stressors every day. From simple daily activities, like commuting to work and preparing meals to more complicated ones, like dealing with rude colleagues or meeting a deadline, our well-being endures the test. Indeed, creating a harmonious environment for yourself and everyone around you requires patience and effort.  The […]