What to Expect in a Typical Reiki Session?

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Need balance? There are a number of things in our life that need balance. We need balance in our home life, love, work, and more that we discover every day. However, the most difficult balance to achieve is the balance within ourselves. Reiki is the term that comes to mind when talking about “balance” and […]

Benefits of Reflexology

Benefits of Reflexology - Ignite Inner Light

With the busy world we live in today, finding ways to relax and recharge has become a necessity. A full night’s sleep may not be enough anymore if you’ve been exhausted for a while. Your body needs rest and you deserve some pampering, too. Various Forms of Relaxation Relaxation comes in many different forms, and […]

Stress-free Holidays with Meditation

Stress free Holidays with Meditation Ignite Inner Light Acushnet-MA

Don’t let anything spoil the most wonderful time of the year. No matter how busy you’ve been this year, celebrating the holidays is something everyone looks forward to. It’s your chance to relax and have fun with loved ones.  Ups and downs are a part of life. They keep us pushing forward and make us […]

Reiki Versus Reflexology


Reiki and reflexology are both energy-based therapies that help improve health and well-being, reduce stress, and promote relaxation. Many people find these healing techniques to be effective, soothing, and even life-changing.  While it’s true that they are both well-known holistic healing techniques, they are however practiced differently, and their benefits also vary to some degree. […]

How To Use Reiki Principles in Your Everyday Life

Ignite Inner Light - How To Use Reiki Principles in Your Everyday Life

In the contemporary world, we meet many stressors every day. From simple daily activities, like commuting to work and preparing meals to more complicated ones, like dealing with rude colleagues or meeting a deadline, our well-being endures the test. Indeed, creating a harmonious environment for yourself and everyone around you requires patience and effort.  The […]