How To Use Reiki Principles in Your Everyday Life

Ignite Inner Light - How To Use Reiki Principles in Your Everyday Life

In the contemporary world, we meet many stressors every day. From simple daily activities, like commuting to work and preparing meals to more complicated ones, like dealing with rude colleagues or meeting a deadline, our well-being endures the test. Indeed, creating a harmonious environment for yourself and everyone around you requires patience and effort. 

The Reiki principles, however, help us change our lives. Or at the very least, it changes the way we look at it. Created by Mikao Usui, a Buddhist monk, Reiki believes that the way to a happy life is by manifesting its set of principles. Usui supposes that following the Reiki principles means providing “medicine to the soul.”

Let’s look more closely at the Reiki principles one must embrace. When something is weighing you down, here are simple statements you can tell yourself based on the Reiki principles. 

  1. Today, I let go of angry thoughts.

Humans normally feel angry sometimes. This may be caused by falling off from your expectations or feeling as if your opinions and efforts are not appreciated. This, among all other reasons, ruins your day for how long you dwell in this negativity. 

We think that our anger is only caused by external factors, but Reiki argues that it’s internal. We have anger stimuli inside us, and if we don’t recognize and let go of them, it will put us in a bad place. 

  1. Today, I let go of thoughts of worry.

Overthinkers and non-overthinkers alike always worry about something. We may worry about not having enough finances next month or not getting that sought-after promotion. Even the little things like not arriving on time for work or meetings because of the traffic worry us. In return, this stresses us out. To avoid this, we should be more present and believe that no matter what, everything will be all right. 

  1. Today, I’m grateful.

If you’re full of discontentment, you will realize that nothing will ever make you feel satisfied. Living a life full of gratitude, on the other hand, allows you to appreciate even small and simple things. As a result, you embrace a more positive outlook and perception towards things, and eventually, you will be happier. 

  1. Today, I practice mindfulness.

Have you ever made erratic decisions? If so, what did you realize after making that decision? Being erratic creates chaos and confusion. Conversely, when you are mindful of everything that you do, from small ones to big gestures, you will find out that everything will go well, even after everything is done. Being mindful balances your energy and those around you.

  1. Today, I’m compassionate with everyone, including myself.

Criticizing oneself is one thing, but being hard on yourself is something entirely different. Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them. Allow yourself to fall short of your and everybody’s expectations. Be kind to other people, but remember to always be kind to yourself as well.

Ignite Inner Light - How To Use Reiki Principles in Your Everyday Life - Reiki master with biolocation pendulum
Reiki master with biolocation pendulum, closeup

How Can You Practice The Reiki Principles in Your Everyday Life?

  1. Don’t let anger overpower you.

It is pretty normal to feel angry when you feel like someone has crossed your boundaries. However, how we act upon this situation says a lot about ourselves. We are not saying that you suppress these emotions. However, we suggest that you take a moment to breathe first before you react or do something. 

  1. Don’t let your worries get the best of today.

It’s true that the future will always be uncertain and that anything can go wrong. However, if we keep on living in future scenarios that we have created for ourselves, we forget that today is a present worth living and enjoying. When you feel like your worries are eating you up, try to breathe in the beauty of things at present and stray away from your thoughts from the fears of tomorrow. 

  1. Be grateful.

Look around your house and acknowledge at least three things you are grateful for. Be grateful that you have a roof over your head. Be grateful that you have food on the table. Be grateful that you have clean water to drink. Starting your day by practicing gratitude magnifies your blessings more than your misfortunes. 

  1. Be mindful and conscious.

Mindfulness means living in the now, not in the past, not in the future. Additionally, you can practice it by being true to your words and your actions. When you need to say your opinion to someone, do it mindfully by showing pure intentions and using the right words. 

  1. Be gentle with all beings.

You must realize that all beings live in an ecosystem where everyone should live harmoniously. Your positive actions create a positive impact on all beings around you. Kindness does not only make other people feel good but it also makes you feel good in return. But don’t be kind just because you want to feel good about yourself. Do it because it’s the right thing to do.

The Reiki principles aim at providing healing therapy to your Reiki energy. When you practice these principles every day, you will have balanced and healthy well-being. To learn more about the Reiki principles and how to use them regularly, contact a Reiki master or practitioner.


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