Spiritual – Life Coaching Session


Reiki and/or Life Coaching are valuable tools to help you move forward in life with clarity, peace and calmness.




  1. Please select and book your prefered data and time of your 1st session.
  2. Select type of session.
  3. If you select more than 1 session, our coach will then ask you for your preferred date of your 2nd and 3rd session during the end of your 1st session and confirm with you her availability. You will also receive an order notes for every session you have used up to track how many session remains.

Life Coaching will help you break your habits and patterns in life that are holding you back from creating the life you really want to live.  Sue will show you how to release what is not serving you and provide you with tools to move you forward in a positive direction in your life. Reiki works on your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies and also opens and balances your chakras.  Many Reiki clients feel more clarity in their lives especially when having to make difficult decisions.  Reiki will always leave you feeling calm and relaxed.