What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki, as a form of energy healing, traces back to Japan’s Master Mikao Usui who started the practice of Reiki in the early 20th century.

Reiki healing involves a powerful healing modality that channels universal life force energy from the Reiki master to the client. The beautiful healing practices of Reiki guided by the use of personal and strong intuition creates a natural sense of healing and can even awaken energetic gifts. The use of intuition provides a strong understanding of well-being and life.

The Spiritual Principle Behind Reiki Healing

Channeling is a very effective method in healing and treatment as a client connects with universal energy through the Reiki master. The Reiki sessions bring a client into a path of healing through balancing energies and directs the energies to the area that needs healing. Any spiritual challenges a client may go through can be uncovered through the proper channeling of energy. It brings a client into ease and rest from inner and external turmoil by sending Reiki energy into the right areas of the body. This is the essential part of Reiki healing.

The distant understanding about energies creates blockage or weakening within the areas of the body and physical, emotional, or mental disturbances can occur. The power within the practice of Reiki is beautiful and gentle.

What to Expect at a Reiki Session?

Understanding that energy balance is an old-time principle in the universe and this affects our body and wellness is the core principle of Reiki healing. Reiki invokes a clients’ ability to understand and maintain that balance through the sessions. It provides not only physical treatment, but a clearer view in life and clear mind as the client sees the value of energy flow within the body.

A typical Reiki session follows this process:

A client’s struggles and challenges are crucial in understanding what he or she is going through. This may be about anything that disrupts mental hygiene, spiritual weakening, or physical decline.

After the discussion, the client will find relaxation through a massage table. This is not like any other massage sessions. The practitioner will scan the body through energy and perceive areas that need healing.

Light touch or hovering can be done by the Reiki master to execute healing. Energy balances energy flow within the body and restores complete wellness. Reiki is sent to the body through the act of light touch or hovering over so the area that needs support or has blockage will receive healing.

Once the session is complete, the client can discuss with the Reiki master messages received throughout the session and the steps to be taken to achieve health goals.

Reiki greatly provides spiritual reconnection and balance to the universal energy force that may affect the client’s challenges. Intuitive life coaching with Reiki directs oneself to balance and harmony so life and universe is at ease.

Experience Reiki and receive life intuitive coaching and bring balance within!