Reiki, Coaching & Holistic Practices

Services Provided


Reiki is a healthy gentle healing art using spiritual energy , is healing and brings balance to the mind body emotions and spirit. Reiki is relaxing it only has positive affects is peaceful soothing and refreshing


Spiritual coaches have a deeper understanding of life and the focus of a life coach is on the material world, on material goals and on what “shows”.  

Holistic Practices

Holistic practices are also referred to as alternative medicine, complementary therapies, natural healthcare and integrative medicine; they are healing practices that fall outside purely pharmaceutical or surgical treatments.

Services Benefits

Reiki Healing

Reiki healing can bring us into ease and rest from life’s agitations. It helps in properly channeling Reiki energy into the weakened areas of the body that are caused by physical, mental, and emotional disturbances. Continuous reiki sessions can positively improve our physical and psychological health. Through Reiki healing, we can clear our minds of all our anxieties, fears, frustrations, and other forms of energy blockage, thus helping us achieve a clearer view of life.

Life and Spiritual Coaching

There are aspects in life that are best nurtured through a peculiar kind of support system that only a life and spiritual coach can provide. Life and spiritual coaching allow us to introspect our daily life practices and help us clarify our life values in moments of chaos and uncertainty. Only through life and spiritual coaching can you fully discover and embrace your true self, and find inner peace and happiness.

Holistic Practices

Holistic practices are a key part of integrative healthcare. It seeks to treat the whole person through focusing on the mind and body connection. When there is an imbalance of these two aspects, the overall health of a person is affected. So, through holistic therapies, such as reflexology and meditation, our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social well-being are significantly improved.

Common Questions

When booking a session with us here at Ignite Inner Light, make sure to consider these questions so you’ll have prior information on what to expect about our services.

In a Reiki session, you will be asked to lie down on a table fully clothed. If you feel uncomfortable with lying down, Reiki treatment can also be performed on you while being comfortably seated down. As Reiki treatment is offered through light, non-invasive touch, the Reiki master’s placement of hands is not intrusive or inappropriate. The practitioners’ hands are only lightly placed in areas of your body that need healing.

There is nothing about Reiki treatment that interferes with conventional medical treatments. Reiki practitioners will not override any medical treatments given by professional health care providers. Rather, Reiki masters see themselves as active partners of their clients in their journey towards complete recovery, not just in their physical health, but more importantly their mental and spiritual well-being. There’s no harm in opting for alternative medicine like Reiki treatment as long as the person doing the treatment is well-trained in that area.

Coaching sessions vary widely depending on which aspect in your life you need help with. Since the healing process is a very personal journey, your life coaching session with me is solution-focused. You will be provided with a supportive and non-judgmental space where we can discuss everything that is important to you, even those that are bothering you. I will help you make sense about questions that you think are impossible to be given explanations.

For real change and healing to occur, all aspects of life must be equally examined. Holistic therapy addresses all aspects of the whole person – the mind, body, and spirit. During a holistic therapy session, a wide range of holistic therapy techniques will be used, depending on your specific needs. Here at Ignite Inner Light, most of our sessions include a combination of reflexology, mindfulness meditation, guided meditation, and meditation for anxiety. All these techniques are guaranteed safe and effective, and are performed by highly-trained and licensed holistic therapy providers.

Ignite Inner Light works on everyone who seeks healing and assistance in their journey towards self-rediscovery. Anyone who wants to understand themselves more deeply and reconnect with their inner selves is very welcome to book a session with me. Or, if you’re someone who’s troubled by life’s complexities and uncertainties, my healing center is always open for you.