What Are The Benefits of Guided Meditation?

Guided meditation

Meditation is a traditional and widespread practice for mental relaxation and concentration. However, as our stress levels increase, many people search for ways to relieve anxiety effectively without spending too much. 

Indeed, guided meditation provides you with focus and direction that will help new practitioners dive in and understand the proper ways of meditation.

What is guided meditation?

Guided meditation is a relaxed concentration session led by another party. It can be a yoga instructor or a spiritual guide. The focus directs you to relax particular muscles and then accompanies you through mental forms and visualizations, often of healing light or the disappearance of past transgressions. 

Guided meditation can be as quick as a few minutes or as long as several hours. Either way, the mission is to deliver mental, emotional, and physical healing and stress relief.

Guided meditation


Three Benefits of Guided Meditation


  • Guided Meditation Reduces Stress

One of the most well-known benefits of mindfulness, and a big reason you should practice, is that mindfulness reduces stress on the go. Research has shown that practicing mindfulness reduces people’s subjective feelings of stress. 

We’ve seen this within brain scans in the area of the brain called the amygdala, which is responsible for our stress response throughout the body. For people that practice mindfulness, this area of the brain minimizes the brain’s response to stress. 


  • Guided Meditation Improves Memory and Concentration

We’ve all had that experience where you walk into a room and completely forget what you’re supposed to do. But why is it? These memory lapses can happen for a lot of different reasons. 

Often, mindfulness helps connect us to the moment and improves working memory capacity, which is our ability to remember small bits of information in a short period. Meditation is all about focusing our attention and holding it there on something in the moment. So, it’s no surprise that it leads to an increase in concentration. 

Research has shown that meditation improves work performance and academic performance. 


  • Guided Meditation Improves Sleep 

You may have spent endless hours in bed thinking about persistent thoughts. Guided meditation allows us to slow down, activating the parasympathetic nervous system, which transitions us into sleep. This process is so effective that the National Sleep Foundation has endorsed meditation as a great way to reduce insomnia and improve sleep.

What Are The Benefits of Guided Meditation?
What Are The Benefits of Guided Meditation?

Increase Global Measures of Life Satisfaction

Meditation helps us to live more in the moment, rather than thinking about and reflecting on the best and worst moments we’ve had so far in life. Whether you’re planning out the future or you’re contemplating something from the past, meditation allows us to live in the moment instead. In addition, research has shown many other benefits to guided meditation, including increasing self-compassion and self-acceptance, lowering blood pressure, and improving relationships.

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Meditation is something everyone can do to recover their mental and emotional health. You can do it wherever you are, without special tools or memberships. Fortunately, meditation courses and support groups are widely available. There’s a great variety of styles as well, each with different strengths and advantages.

Trying out a style of meditation that suits your preferences is an excellent way to improve your quality of life, even if you only practice it a few minutes each day.  Practicing the principles of guided meditation will help you have a healthy and balanced life. To learn more about the principles of meditation, give Ignite Inner Light a call at 508-466-4671 today. 


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